Drone Alone

Drone Alone v0.54 (Windows x64)

If you’re not happy with the windowed mode and/or resolution you can start the game
with the following parameters:

DroneAlone.exe -VSync -ResX=1920 -ResY=1080 -FULLSCREEN

This game is about a home security drone that has to defend the apartment from intruders in short, partially randomized missions.

The project is not meant to be a commercial product but a vessel for me to learn the engine and experiment with unusual ideas.

The trailer for the v0.54 pre-alpha version.

In depth articles

Development overview: Overview of the development’s two years, the art direction and the soundtrack.

Asset authoring workflow: How the drones, furniture and props were made. The steps of progressive asset development.

The Effect class: A high level overview of the Effect class which handles particle systems and decals.

Blueprint tricks: A couple of tips for working with Blueprints, from wire management to bullet penetration.

Volumetric textures: The volumetric textures were created in Modo, used as special effects and to fake medium range ambient occlusion.

Smoke material: How the procedural billowing animation was achieved.

Material tricks: Scratched paint decals, random scorch marks, render-to-texture UI, detail maps, faceted UVs and a few utility nodes are discussed here.